A healthy alternative to butter - Ottawa Citizen

A healthy alternative to butter - Ottawa Citizen

It’s been a few months since those pesky resolutions were made (yoga every day, no bad fats, more sleep, nice thoughts about everyone) so sufficient time has passed for them to be broken.

La refonte de son identité visuelle

Le studio montréalais a imaginé cet intelligent système qui permet de contenir les différents formats de bouteilles.
Le concept est pratique car il laisse apparaître le contenant et permet de servir l'huile d'olive sans l'ôter de l'emballage. Il est également réutilisable et facile à stocker.

Creation of our gift box

The Small Monsters was asked to the branding, identity and packaging for the launch of an olive oil tasting bar in the Glebe district of Ottawa. The Small Monsters had a very tight timeframe (roughly ten days). They met with the owner, visited the site, created the logo, branding, print collateral, in -store signage and website as well as the artwork for the bottle and gift packaging. 

HOW 2013 International Award Winner

The Small Monsters was asked to create the look and feel of many of the business' elements, including logo, business cards, website, interior signage, bottles and packaging.

From savoury to spicy

I was guided through the store by knowledgeable staff and my afternoon soon turned out to be as informative as it was flavourful.

A flavour for everyone

Based in the Glebe in Ottawa, Ontario, is an olive oil and balsamic tasting bar called The Unrefined Olive. Olive oils and balsamic vinegar’s are imported from around the world from such places as Italy, California and Chile. They offer flavours for everyone’s taste buds ranging from sweet to savoury in both categories.

Ottawa's first olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar

In recent years, olive oil and balsamic vinegar have reached a status once reserved merely for wine. Appraised for their aroma, complexity of flavour and bouquet, these oil and vinegars are often infused with herbs, espresso, lemon, chocolate, peppers and even pomegranate. Everyday cooks have become connoisseurs and with that, demand for more sophisticated products has emerged.  Enter The Unrefined Olive, Ottawa’s first olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar.

Authentic Olive Oil

The Unrefined Olive is Ottawa's first Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar tasting bar.

Our branding recognized internationally

The challenge was to create a design that could neatly hold each of the olive oil bar’s four bottle sizes, which range from 750 ml. to 150 ml., in a package that was affordable to produce, environmentally friendly, reusable and able to be stored flat.

Truth in Olive Oil - By: Tom Mueller