Elizabeth Kilvert has spent much of her life as an educator. She comes from a background immersed in natural history museums, aquariums, overseas development projects, and the Federal Civil Service. Her focus has been in the areas of international development, community sustainability, food security, agricultural cooperatives, marine biology, environmental education, and biodiversity.   Elizabeth has worked on four continents and in numerous countries; her roles have included community development officer, director of education and community outreach, researcher, scuba diver, organic farm certification officer, microbiologist, public analyst, science outreach advisor, volunteer coordinator, citizen science coordinator, entrepreneur, business owner and sole proprietor. The culmination of her passion for food and travel, education, life experience,  and work history have resulted in the values and work ethic that she possesses  and this has resulted in her bursting the federal bubble of her civil service career and her immersion in the community of Ottawa and the launch of her first official business The Unrefined Olive. Elizabeth believes in taking a local approach, integrating partnerships, developing networks, and co‐promoting as much as possible. The result of these efforts is a business with a strong approach to locality and integrating a diverse portfolio of partners.

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By: Women’s Business Network

December 01, 2013 — BirdDog Design Collaborator