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Nature Canada's Women for Nature

It’s been scientifically proven that getting outside has a profound effect on the brain. For businesswoman Elizabeth Kilvert, the great outdoors is her favourite place to go when she really needs to clear her mind.

A passion leads to success

When a woman like Elizabeth Kilvert follows her passion, good things happen. A former public servant with Environment Canada, Elizabeth discovered in 2012 that what she really wanted wasn't more time in an office — it was to build a sustainable and ethical business based on her love of food and travel. Within two months of leaving her government position, she opened her doors and The Unrefined Olive was born.

Business Woman of the Year

Elizabeth Kilvert has spent much of her life as an educator. She comes from a background immersed in natural history museums, aquariums, overseas development projects, and the Federal Civil Service. Her focus has been in the areas of international development, community sustainability, food security, agricultural cooperatives, marine biology, environmental education, and biodiversity.