Sea Salts


Pink Himalayan: This full flavoured mineral salt is harvested from ancient deposits in the Himalayas. It can be used with everything. $6

Pacific Blue Flake Sea Salt: An all-natural kosher flake sea salt made from the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is the best finishing salt we have. $6

Jalapeno: A beautiful combination of spicy jalapeño peppers and pure sea salt. Incredible with fajitas, chicken, roasted potatoes, and soups. $6

Lime Fresco: Tangy lime salt adds a refreshing finish to poultry, fish, and corn. It is also a wonderful way to rim a margarita. $6

Applewood Smoked: This sweet and smoky salt can be used on roasted vegetables or any protein to liven up the flavour. It is also wonderful on cookies and desserts. $6

Alderwood Smoked: This salt delivers a deep smokey flavour on and off the BBQ. Try it on salmon, roast vegetables, and baked potatoes. $6

Vintage Merlot: This sea salt is a natural match with red meats, poultry, and a beautiful garnish for scallops. $6

Black Lava: Salty, dark, and delicious; especially on white fish, scallops, cream soups, and sauces. It can also be used as a topper for white chocolate desserts. $6

Black Truffle: Italian black truffle has a distinctive, rich, and earthy flavour. Sprinkle on french fries, popcorn, eggs, and pastas. $10

Venom HOT: Trinidad Scorpion Peppers are used to make this inferno of a salt. Perfect for grilling, creamy mac and cheese, chicken wings, and chilli. $ 10

Wild Porcini Mushroom: Wild Porcini is a simple way to add elegant and rich flavour to any dish. It really shines with pasta, beef, and risotto. $10