The Unrefined Olive is anything but unrefined!  In fact, this thriving Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aged Balsamic Vinegar tasting bar on Second Ave. in the Glebe, offers what owner Elizabeth Kilvert describes as “affordable luxury”.

“People are tending to be doing more at-home experiences — buying finer wine, buying better quality food and meals and entertaining at home instead of going out as frequently” said Elizabeth Kilvert, in a recent interview with The Ottawa Sun.  I have to agree!

Although a date night in a cozy restaurant with somebody else cooking (and cleaning the kitchen) is always a pleasure, it is definitely reserved for special occasions.  Not to mention dining out with family and friends.  There is no way an average family can afford to go out for a decent dining experience … or even gourmet burgers on a regular basis.  We do however make amazing meals at home … and the bonus … you can have a bit more than one glass of wine because you don’t have to drive!

Stepping into The Unrefined Olive on a Sunday afternoon was what I might describe as a pleasurable sensory experience.  The store is modern with a rustic touch and reminded me of the wine tasting rooms in Italy.  We were shown the ropes of proper tasting technique’s and given a quick tour of the rows of stainless steel containers known as fustis.  Just like a wine tour, there are tasting notes for each oil which state the origin, type of olive, growing conditions etc. and descriptions such as grassy, buttery, floral, or tropical.  Armed with our little stainless steel cups and under the guidance of the friendly and knowledgeable staff, we set out on our tasting adventure.

August 16, 2015 — BirdDog Design Collaborator